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The History Of Delft Pottery (Delftware)

November 25, 2013

The History of Delft Pottery (Delftware) Delft Pottery is known for its iconic blue and white pottery and old delftware has been made since the 16th century. The pottery got its name because of the city where it was manufactured, the city of Delft in the Netherlands. The earliest form of Delft pottery was in […]


What To Look For When Buying Pottery

What To Look For When Buying Pottery Many people prefer visiting flea markets or various garage sales in their quest to find amazing pottery. Some people may prefer buying antique pottery for display purposes where others may buy pottery for dinnerware. It is best to invest some time into learning about the art of pottery […]

GRCA 16444

The History of Native American Pottery

The History of Native American Pottery The history of Native American pottery is extensive to say the least. Archeological evidence suggests that pottery in the Americas has been in use as far back as at least 7,500 years ago. Pottery was an extremely useful apparatus to the Native Americans, so much so that nearly every […]

How To Fuse Pottery And Glass Are you interested in pottery and would like to experiment with fusing it with glass? One of the most common pottery questions asked by individuals is how to undertake the process of fusing glass into pottery. The process of fusing glass in a kiln requires proper understanding of the […]


How to Build a Pottery Kiln

How to Build a Pottery Kiln Many people would love to be able to fire their own pottery. But the high cost of commercial kilns keeps them away from doing this. If you are interested in pottery, you may have found that your small electric kiln is not sufficient for the purpose. Why not build […]

Most Famous Pottery Pieces Celadon Glazed Pottery   Some of the most famous types of pottery are those glazed with celadon. Celadon is a term for pottery that contains a specific type of glaze and color. Celadon was invented in ancient China in the Zhejiang Province and has since spread to many different regions throughout […]


How to Determine the Value of Pottery

How to Determine the Value of Pottery Whether you want to buy and sell pottery or need to get it appraised for insurance purposes, there are multiple ways on how to price pottery.   Online Pottery Appraisal Services   The Internet is chock full of modern and antique pottery dealers and many of them offer […]


What Is A Pyrometric Cone And What Does It Have To Do With The Temperature Of A Pottery Kiln (With Video)

What Is A Pyrometric Cone And What Does It Have To Do With The Temperature Of A Pottery Kiln   Once a potter creates his pottery piece out of clay, the clay is set out to dry. After the drying process it will be placed into a kiln where it is hardened.   There are […]


How Pottery Is Made (With Video)

How Pottery Is Made   Pottery has been been in existence since 11,000 B.C. Modern pottery can be put into three categories: porcelain, stoneware, and earthenware which are differentiated by the mixture of clays and the firing process.   Watch the video below to find out how pottery is made and learn the differences between […]


Origins of Native American Pottery

Origins of Native American Pottery Every society and culture has a history of ceramics and pottery. The chances of involvement in pottery are much more if the society has an agricultural background. There were many Native Americans who were involved in making pottery and ceramics.   The main origin of American pottery is credited to […]