November 25, 2013

Pottery Ideas for Kids and Teens Pottery is a great way to help increase the imagination of your child. What’s better than molding clay? There are different types of clays available to start with pottery including air-dry clay and traditional clay that can be fired in a kiln. Many schools use pottery projects to enhance […]

A Brief Overview of the History of Japanese Pottery

A Brief Overview of the History of Japanese Pottery Japan enjoys one of the longest historic cultures in pottery and the creation of pottery has been practiced there since 10,000 B.C. Japan is famous for their ancient tea ceremonies, which is one of the main reasons that pottery was given such importance.   There are […]

How to Identify Pottery Marks   If you are looking to evaluate the value of your pottery then the first step is to identify the pottery marks which will provide you with some important details. These marks contain crucial information about the pottery including its origin, creation date, and name of the artist. The interest […]

How to Fire Low-Fire Pottery   When it comes to ceramics techniques, knowing how to fire low-fire pottery is one of the basic techniques that you’ll certainly want to learn. Low-firing pottery was the most preferred ceramics method in ancient times and is also used by many contemporary potters.   You need some space to […]