Benefits of Taking Pottery Classes

So you have decided to take a pottery class? That's great! We strongly support your decision. Doing pottery is such an interesting activity. You can do it alone, with your loved one, or your friends. You can come to a class in a search for inspiration, creative time, or even as couple therapy. Pottery classes have so much to offer to each and every one of its students. You can master making a clay vase while also working on improving your mental health or your relationships. It is a truly magnificent activity. Here are 4 main benefits of taking pottery classes.

Mental health

Sometimes we all need to decrease the noise in our heads. To achieve that we need to focus our attention on something other than our anxieties. Pottery can be a great tool in that. While working with clay, you have no chances of getting distracted. Stop paying attention to your pot for a second, and you have a blob instead of a cup. Hence, a pottery class is no place for worries such as "i need help on my math homework," or can "do my homework online?". This time is your chance to spend time with yourself. Searching for inner peace is more valuable than any homework worries. What's more, clay has an interesting soothing quality to it. It's hard to explain why but deepening your figures into that substance, and working with it, makes people rather calm, relaxed, and happy.

Being present

To continue the topic of mental health, being present is something that we all are lacking these days. Most times we are on our phones, laptops, and other devices. We are either working or trying to wind down. Most of these activities don't encourage us to be in the moment. Rather we want to escape for a moment. Pottery will not allow you to not be present. You are literally shaping your work with your fingers. There is no more "at the moment" than that.

Great for couples

Pottery classes are a.great way to impress a date. There is something to it that makes the whole pottery making experience so romantic. Perhaps, it is the movies that have created such an image. Perhaps, it has something to do with the delicacy of the job. You need to stay so focused, so attentive, yet very gentle and soft in your touch. Doing pottery as a couple can be a great way to reconnect. It is a unique experience that both of you share. Such things can make couples only closer to each other.


We all have an artistic side. Unfortunately, not all of us have time or opportunity to act on it. Taking pottery classes can help you to release that creative energy. It is a great chance to embrace an artist within you. Create what comes to your mind, experiment. Practicing art benefits your mind and soul. This is why pottery classes can also reduce your stress levels and bust a bad mood.

To sum up

We hope you have enjoyed our list of benefits of taking pottery classes. We are true believers that clay has some magical qualities to it. It makes people happier, calmer, healthier, and more balanced. We encourage you to try it out yourself! Don't forget to have fun in your classes and stay creative! Good luck!