How to Determine the Value of Pottery


How to Determine the Value of Pottery

Whether you want to buy and sell pottery or need to get it appraised for insurance purposes, there are multiple ways on how to price pottery.

Online Pottery Appraisal Services

The Internet is chock full of modern and antique pottery dealers and many of them offer online pottery appraisal as a service. This usually entails taking photos of the piece you want appraised and then mailing or emailing the photos to the appraisal service.

You want an accurate pottery appraisal so you should try and use a high-quality digital camera whenever possible. This will make it easier for the pottery appraisal service to see any cracks or wear on the item. Take multiple photos from multiple angles, especially where there is damage. You should also write a concise description of the pottery and include all relevant details. Most online appraisals are completed within one to two weeks. Ensure that the service you are using is qualified and reputable.

Pottery-Related Websites, Forums, and Discussion Boards

You might also try registering on pottery-related websites and forums that have an active audience. Post a message asking for help with your appraisal and usually you will get a response.

Online Auction Websites

Another way to determine the value of pottery is to look online at sites like eBay or Craigslist. If you already know the details about the pottery piece you can estimate the price of your piece based on the average selling prices on other websites. If your item has any damage, it is generally valued at only 50% to 75% of what a mint-condition piece sells for. Antique pottery in mint condition is hard to come by so buyers should expect to pay a premium. Keep in mind that many sellers inflate their prices because they are not knowledgeable as to the true price, so the value you assign to your pottery should only be considered an estimate.

Let The Bidders Decide

If you are ready to sell your pottery you might also try an auction where the bidders will determine the price of your pottery. You can choose from multiple online auction sites or search for a local art auction house near you.

November 25, 2013