Most Famous Pottery Pieces

Most Famous Pottery Pieces

Celadon Glazed Pottery

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Some of the most famous types of pottery are those glazed with celadon. Celadon is a term for pottery that contains a specific type of glaze and color. Celadon was invented in ancient China in the Zhejiang Province and has since spread to many different regions throughout Asia. The glaze itself can produce many different colors depending on the thickness of the glaze when applied, the exact makeup of the glaze and lastly the type of clay to which the glaze is applied. Traditionally the celadon color is light green as seen above. Some of the most coveted and famous pottery pieces in the world include celadon and come the Goreyo Dynasty (918-1392) produced mainly on the Korean Peninsula.

Japanese Pottery

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Japan also has a rich history of designing unique and famous pottery pieces. Archeological evidence shows that the Japanese have been producing pottery as far back as the Neolithic Period. Almost all of the pottery pieces from prehistoric times were fired to serve as water vessels or some other useful function. It wasn’t until the Meiji era (1868-1912) when the Japanese became a producer of artistically rich and diverse pottery. During this period Japan, a traditionally confined and exclusive nation, was forced to open its ports and trade goods to the West, therefore the Meiji era was characterized by major cultural and artistic change. Pottery making in Japan blossomed during this period. One of the most renowned artists of this period was Kitaoji Rosanjin (1883-1959). Rosanjin used many different techniques to produce nearly 20,000 pottery pieces. Pottery remains an extremely popular art medium in Japan today.

Ancient Greek Pottery

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The ancient Greeks (c. 1050-900 BC.) were responsible for some of world’s most famous pottery pieces. The ancient Greeks lived within a highly functioning society that promoted artistic expression. One of the reasons that ancient Greek pottery stands out amongst other works is due to the fact that so many pieces (nearly 100,000) were preserved and still exist in museums and galleries. Greek pottery making was characterized by a distinct acrylic painting style of the human form. The ancient Greeks pushed the boundaries of artistic expression and for that reason their pottery is still considered some of the most famous pottery in the world.

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November 25, 2013


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