Pottery Supplies, Tools, and Safety Tips

Pottery Supplies, Tools, and Safety Tips

One of the most common questions asked by aspiring potters is how they can set up their studio. The main concern is to take care of the pottery supplies and arrange all the required tools in order to efficiently create your pottery. It is always exciting to get started with pottery and having your own space where you can get started with all your creative work. If you are an aspiring potter then there are some important things you need to take care of including your safety and proper pottery tool set. We are going to discuss the process of setting up your pottery studio and getting important supplies for your studio.
Some Basic Pottery Supply Necessities
The first step is to find a perfect work space; preferably a large, comfortable space will solve the purpose. There are some important requirements of pottery studios like a regular water supply and a nice utility sink for your workspace. Let us discuss some important pottery supplies that you may need in your studio.

  • Pottery Wheel: Your studio is incomplete without a pottery wheel. One should choose a pottery wheel according to the requirements. In general, you will need to choose between commercial or domestic pottery wheels. You can choose among different types of pottery wheels including pottery kick wheels and electric pottery wheels.

  • Pottery Tools: Pottery artists require number of tools for creating beautiful pottery and some of important tools include sponges, hardwood tools, knives, and other similar tools. Other important equipment helpful for pottery includes a pug mill and slab roller. You can check in hobby shops, pottery studios, or online for purchasing pottery tool sets.

  • Ceramic Kiln: A ceramic kiln is the most important part of the process and you will also need to choose between a commercial or domestic kiln. It is best to look out for an easy-to-operate and manage kind of kiln for your pottery experiments.

You might also try to build your own kiln!
Important Pottery Safety Tips
Pottery requires you to keep track of many things; don’t neglect your safety. Make sure to follow the safety tips explained below:

  • Special attention while using kiln: It is important to check the kiln regularly and try to familiarize yourself with the normal sounds made while firing. Make sure that the kiln is placed on a stand and on level ground.

  • Use a well-ventilated space: It is important that the kiln should be operated in a well ventilated space to avoid both short and long term health issues.

  • Electric supply: Avoid opening the lid of the kiln until it is cooled to room temperature and ensure all the switches are turned off. If you are planning to service the kiln, make sure that the kiln is disconnected from the power source.

  • Safety Kit: You should wear safety glasses while operating the kiln and make sure to wear a specialized mask for protection against toxic fumes. You should not wear loose fitting clothing during the process and make sure that there are no flammable items placed near the kiln.


November 25, 2013


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