Pottery Tips for Beginners

Pottery Tips for Beginners

It is so much fun being able to express your creative side by throwing your own pottery. Pottery has always been known as an art with great history throughout the world. The best thing about pottery is that you do not need fancy supplies and huge sum of money to get started with it. Most of the people are inspired by watching others playing with clay and creating magnificent artifacts with molding clay. Clay is a flexible material and you can turn it into almost any shape that you desire. We are going to discuss some important tips for pottery beginners that will help them to keep on track.

Getting Started: Pottery Tips for Beginners

If you are looking to start experimenting with pottery then is the best thing to get started with. It is known for its easy-mold and self-hardening characteristic which makes it really handy for beginners.

  • You can start with rolling the clay to your desired thickness and keep rolling until it is smooth. It is advised to start your project over wax paper or a similar surface so that you can move your project later.
  • After the kneading process is over, you can cut the clay into small strips and then form ropes out of them.
  • You can use one of these ropes for finding the base of your vase. Remove any additional rope after forming the base of your pot. Keep adding ropes on top of each other until you have achieved the desired height of your vase. The clay should remain moist so it is best to use plastic sheets to wrap the clay.
  • Smooth the ropes for giving a perfect shape around the pot and use any sculpting tool for adding your favorite designs. You can create as many statues as you desire but make sure that all of them contain a small hole at their bottom to allow the passing of air. The statues should be of optimal thickness so that they do not explode or crack after being heated in the oven.
  • It is important to cure the pottery before any other use and there are multiple techniques that you may follow to do so.
  • You can decorate the pottery or glaze it for better look. Use acrylic paint for giving unique designs to your pottery. Just know that the color of the pottery may change after drying.
    This is the simplest and easiest method to get started with pottery. It is important that you should focus on learning pottery without wasting your resources or money on it. In addition to this procedure there are some important tips that can help you during the process.

Some of these tips include wearing comfortable but not-too-loose clothing, working at a gradual pace, managing your time for clean-up, enjoying the overall experience, and cherishing the success of creating your first piece of pottery. Start slow and take a while to master basic pottery techniques. In the end pottery is all about expressing yourself and enjoying the process!

November 25, 2013


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