What To Look For When Buying Pottery


What To Look For When Buying Pottery

Many people prefer visiting flea markets or various garage sales in their quest to find amazing pottery. Some people may prefer buying antique pottery for display purposes where others may buy pottery for dinnerware. It is best to invest some time into learning about the art of pottery and then make wise choices while shopping. Your dinnerware says a lot about your food choices and eating environment so it is best to get the perfect pottery for your kitchen. We are going to learn some important facts about pottery and how to buy pottery for your house.

Generally there are three types of pottery available in the market: Earthenware, Porcelain, and Stoneware. Most of the people prefer buying this type of pottery for their house. Fiesta Dinnerware is one of the most popular and sought after pottery nowadays. You can get Fiesta Dinnerware in different designs and colors including ivory, red, yellow, green, and cobalt blue. Another famous pottery preferred by many people includes Red Wing Pottery. Their jugs and crocks are famous for their stylish designs and shapes.

If you found an interesting pottery set with your favorite design and color, you should look at some special inspection points. The first step involves careful inspection of each and every piece of the pottery in the set. Look out for any possible nicks or flakes on your dinnerware. Generally there are small nicks which are often ignored by most of the customers. The best method of inspection is to hold your pottery under good light and look out for any possible pinpoint nicks marring the surface.

The next thing to look for includes cracks over the surface of your pottery. A crack is defined as a thin break line which may appear from one edge of pot to another. Cracks may have adverse affect over the potter’s capability to hold water or used for practical applications. Another term used for small hairline cracks over the surface of pottery is crazing and it reduces the visual attraction of your pottery. But keep in mind that crazing has no affect over the holding capacity or strength of the cup.

Important factors to be considered while buying pottery

There are some important factors which must be considered before buying pottery for your kitchen.

  • Find out the strength of the pot and its resistance towards cracking, chipping, or any other kind of breakage.
  • Generally, high quality pottery is made from refined materials offering strength, translucency, and whiteness. It makes the overall cost a bit higher, so never fall for anything that may appear too cheap to be good.
  • Make sure to consider the strength of pottery against chemicals and different types of acids. You should consider important labels like “unleaded” or “dishwasher safe” over your pottery.

These are some important points which will make sure that you get the best pottery for your house. You shouldn’t compromise on the technical specifications for the design or color of the pottery, especially if you plan on keeping it for a long time. It is always great to shop for pottery with some extra knowledge.

November 25, 2013