Pottery Ideas for Kids and Teens

Pottery Ideas for Kids and Teens

Pottery is a great way to help increase the imagination of your child. What’s better than molding clay? There are different types of clays available to start with pottery including air-dry clay and traditional clay that can be fired in a kiln. Many schools use pottery projects to enhance the creative skills of the students. Kids have the ability to surprise you with their skills and hence it is a great idea to teach them pottery. We are going to discuss some important tips for kids and how you should guide them in pottery projects.

Basic Beginner Pottery Ideas for Kids and Teens

Clay Pinch Pots – Clay pinch pots are a great choice for getting your kids started with pottery. You just need a handful of clay to start with their first pottery lesson. You need to show them the process of creating a firm ball of clay and then allow them to practice and do the same. Tell them how to thin the walls and create a perfect pinch pot. For achieving uniform shape of your pots, pinching around the walls is a great idea.
Clay Coil Pots – Making a clay coil pot is simple. Have the kids roll clay into large snake-like structures and develop a tight coil which will serve as the base. With coil pots, you need to build the sides by simply rolling the coil over the top of each lower coil. Once the pot is prepared, you can easily smooth them from the sides. You can also show kids how to etch designs into the sides of their pottery pieces.

Other Creative Pottery Ideas for Teens and Kids

Once the kids have learned some basic pottery techniques, it is time to get started with more advanced creative projects.
Clay Room Diorama – A clay room diorama is a great project for kids and they can start by forming three equal squares of clay. These are used for forming the walls and floor of the house. Allow them to prepare furniture and other household accessories. It will help build their imagination and understand the process well.
Clay Masks – Preparing clay masks is relatively easy and requires few supplies. Show the kids how to create the initial shape of mask and leave the rest to them. They can start with eyes, a nose, and then get into any level of detail they want. Teach them to paint the masks after they are dried properly.
Broken Pottery Projects – Another fun pottery idea is teaching your kids how they can use broken pottery for other projects. Ask them to collect any broken pottery pieces that they can find, or show them how to break flower pots or other pottery pieces that cannot be used in a kiln. Make sure that they learn careful tapping of clay with a hammer and towel for proper protection.
You can try other creative pottery ideas like creating a mini-village and having your kids build it together which also teaches them teamwork skills.
The whole point of the process is to allow the kids to explore their imagination and understanding of the pottery process. You just need to guide them so that they learn basic techniques in a safe manner.
You could also think about getting your kids enrolled in some pottery classes or pottery workshops!

November 25, 2013


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